Bootstrap 5 Tutorial For Beginners #7 – Bootstrap 5 Order Classes Tutorial

Hello Dear Readers, Today In this Post, You will learn Bootstrap 5 Tutorial For Beginners #7 – Bootstrap 5 Order Classes Tutorial. Earlier I have shared Bootstrap 5 Tutorial For Beginners #6 – Bootstrap 5 Offset Class Tutorial. and now it’s time to Bootstrap 5 Tutorial For Beginners #7 – Bootstrap 5 Order Classes Tutorial.


In this tutorial, You will learn full Bootstrap 5. This is Part-7 of Bootstrap 5 tutorial I will give all the part here and if you want to go deep in the tutorial so you can watch the full video which is I like below Hope it will help you all thank for visiting.

In this tutorial, you will learn Bootstrap Tutorial In Hindi, Bootstrap 5 Order Classes Tutorial. Bootstrap 5 Tutorial In Hindi You can learn what is bootstrap framework, what are the advantages of bootstrap tutorial in hindi. Make sure to Subscribe, Share the video, and Like it, for more tutorials in Hindi like this one!


Re-Order Grid Columns in Bootstrap 5

A key aspect of responsive design that Bootstrap provides is the ability to change the position of content on different devices and screen widths.

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Why Change Content Order?

A common use-case is a typical 2-column page layout. Often, the vertical stacking of columns is desired on smaller screen devices (tablets & phones) where horizontal space is limited. Arguably, this may also help with SEO as the main content is closer to the top of the page when search engines like Google crawl the page.


Using the Bootstrap 5 ordering classes we’re able to utilize the column ordering feature of the Bootstrap grid. On small (mobile) screens.


Flexbox Parent & Children

As you may know the Bootstrap 5 grid utilizes Flexbox. The concept of “parent & children” in Flexbox equates to the “row & columns” of the Bootstrap grid. One parent row containing one or more child columns…


Natural vs. Visual Order

Notice that the natural order of the columns is:


Using the flex ordering CSS classes we can change the visual order of the columns…


The use of order-sm-first order-last on the Sidebar translates to “order first on small and wider”, and “order last on extra small (xs)”.


I hope this has given you a little insight as to how ordering works in Bootstrap 5. Please share your thoughts and questions in the comments.


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